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I am not sure where to begin, but here it goes...I am a mother of 2 beautiful daughters, age 23 and 20. The oldest is studying to become an RN and the youngest moved to Las Vegas back in August. To say, "I miss her like crazy, is an understatement." Back in 2018, I came out as a lesbian to my family, and had the full support from my daughters, but not so much from my parents. In time, and eventually they learned to accept it, the best way they could. Since the separation from my wife, I have been struggling with depression, and it sucks!!! I take one day at a time, and make sure to aleays take care of me first. I have talked with my therapist, and my daughters, and learned that meditation and yoga are two ways that can help with my gealing, so, thanks to Lori and her Wild Heart Yoga, I am trying something new, and taking back my life!!!!!! I still have a ways to go, and need to work on my self worth, self love, and to build self confidence; something I’ve never had. Today is the first step.

Rachelle Lynn
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