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"WHY" (Wild Heart Yoga) is a place to belong too not just in our yoga practice but in life itself.

Through the sacred act of gathering, we build community, connection, accountability, and sustainability.


I look forward to you joining the WHY community!




I believe in being present and each day is a gift. I pride myself on being a non-judgmental person who understands that yoga is a journey that differs for each of us.
I believe that most people are good, that we all have a light that shines, and my goal is to help your light shine brighter.


Being Present Breathe in Breathe out

Hi I’m Lori Lopez, welcome to Wild Heart Yoga= WHY.


Why did I start yoga? After a few doctors told me that it could save my life i said I’m in!!! I’ve dabbled in it for years but after retiring from Platform work with hair and owning Wild Orchids Hair Salon, a light went off and I light it even brighter with my inner soul! I’ve learned through yoga, meditation, and our breathe I see myself different.

WHY membership=Wild Heart Yoga and its OUR membership. I will help guide you in the right path. I’ll be there to listen share stories! I’m dedicated to you. Take the first step either live or prerecorded. Be on a forum with all of us! Let’s share stories! Let’s share recipes!


I’m 62, i have hurts and pains I’m human. I can’t wait to share what works for me. I’ve lost 140 pounds. Clean off drugs 27 years, knee replacement, hernia surgeries, 5 heart attacks. I’m here and stronger than ever!

Beginner yogi I got you! Advanced I got you! Meditation is so important it cleans our mind. Got ADHD me too lol easy peasy

WHY will be worth every penny take a deep breath and push that button.


I am a teacher a student a human.


We forget that the the adventures of life we seek so badly are right here everyday within choices we make and what we do! If i can’t find that happiness within myself i will never ever find it anywhere! My journey of happiness is in my heart everyday. If you need a piece of it, join me on Wildheartyoga.net.

Because Yoga has taught me to be happy for myself and everyone around me! The world is a beautiful place within us just breathe.My breath was taken from me and then given back! Thank you God!


Yoga has helped me connect with my inner soul. The small voice in my head says be still, listen! Yoga is a joy in my mind and heart and soul! My moms name was Joy, it makes me happy. It’s not about how perfect my Asana is! I am Asana!


My journey does not have a destination it only continues! After 5 heart attacks and excepting myself for what I am and what I’m not on the mat after a knee replacement I except myself!

I’m a 62 years old Reiki Master, 200 hours with Corepower Yoga! Trained with Janet Stone and Travis Eliot, Lauren Eliot my 2 mentors! Been teaching for In-Shape 6-9 classes a week for years. I’m a Certified Meditation Instructor with Tracee Stanley.


What type of Yoga do you teach? When did you start? How many years have you been teaching


I teach Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, meditation, and kids yoga. I’ve been dabbling in Yoga for about 15 years became an instructor three years ago. I got a job at Inshape a corporate company and started teaching 6 to 9 yoga classes a week for three years till they close down.

What challenges have you faced during covid? What valuable lessons have you learned? Did you try/explore any new venues for teaching?


I would say the biggest challenge that I’ve been faced with during Covid is learning technology lighting filming. I started my new yoga membership on Black Friday of 2020 learning a platform to use how to market how to get new members and keep the members I already have happy.


What are you most grateful for this year?

I guess I’m most grateful for being able to stay home like I’ve always said I wanted to and realizing that I really don’t want to. I love still dabbling in hair but more than anything. I love how I’ve become really strong behind the camera and how I’ve learned that I motivate a lot of people. I’d also have to say I’m grateful that I took Janet stone in Harvey’s anatomy class, I have about two months left in it. I taught myself that I am still learning and I can remember a little bit LOL


Would you like to share a meaningful moment that you've experienced as a yoga teacher where you felt you made a difference in someone's life? This year or at any point in time in your teaching career.


I would have to say right after Covid started I started going live on Facebook every single day. It was called wine meditation and storytelling or I would ask people to email me their stories privately and I will read them out loud live without mentioning any names it was a safe place for people to come to be able to release something they’ve never told someone. I really couldn’t believe when I read out loud, I’d wait till the moment I began so I’d be just as surprised as them.

Who are your favorite yoga teachers that you respect and admire?


Janetstoneis my mentor. She’s my guru I’ve gone through all her classes and I’m getting ready to do her 300 hours. But Travis Elliot and Lauren are two amazing amazing instructors that live in Santa Monica. I pay for their membership every month I love their practice. I love how she inspires me with meditation. I am Yin certified through Travis Eliot.


I’m thankful for all our private yoga pages that help guide me with marketing, how when I felt like I was in a box lonely with anxiety, I turn on good music and just do yoga! Also thanks for Facebook the 100’s I would just talk to live and they would respond thank you.

Any last thoughts on how yoga has helped you personally this past year.


At 62 our body is changing I’m ok with that!!!!

Losing 150 pounds and keeping it off for 10 years, it’s all been possible with yoga! I saw this amazing strong body on a magazine. I decided I wanted that yoga body. I did it!!!

Join my membership today, allow me to join you as one on our mat!




FaceThanks for reminding me who i am a YOGI!


Before   and     After



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Recordings are available for all classes. I understand, life happens, so if you signup but can't attend an email will be sent when the recording is posted.

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Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Yin Yoga

Chair Yoga.



Strength Classes


Wake and Rise Class:

This Vinyasa Flow is designed for all levels. It's 30-minutes of flow and 5 minutes of meditation, perfect to get your day started off in the right direction. It will energize & strengthen your body for whatever life throws at you. 

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Chair Yoga:

This gentle form of yoga is practiced sitting on a chair or using a chair for support during standing poses.  Chair yoga is especially suitable for older adults, people with balance or coordination issues, and those with disabilities.  Chair yoga helps increase flexibility, lung capacity, circulation, and strength, improves balance and relieves stress.  The class incorporates breathing exercises, stretching, yoga postures, and final relaxation.


Yoga has brought me to another place.  I retired 2 years ago, and started to practice Yoga and fell in love with it.  I lost 12 lbs by doing Yoga daily.  It has curved my appetite and gave me so much more energy.  I was having digestion problems and yoga seem to have helped me.  I couldn’t even get in the car without stopping at a restroom.  I thought I had IBS.  Now that COVID is here I find that I really need Yoga.  I work hard at trying to improve every time. It keeps me focus and calm.  Thank God for my Yoga instructor Lori Lopez! She inspires me and makes me want too come back for more.

I Love Yoga


Paddleboard Yoga was so much fun! I didn’t have a paddleboard so I rented one from Lori. I was afraid I’d fall in but Lori made me feel at ease. Yin yoga made my body feel amazing and meditation on the water was surreal and I  can’t wait to go back and do this again!

Tami Clark


We don't meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our paths for a reason, either they change our life or we change theirs. I believe, everything and everybody that we come across in our lives, enhance our evolution process, thus fulfilling its purpose to be there.

Lori Lopez



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